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Wear your favorite clothes, stuff you feel cozy in. Tops that are a little darker than your skin tone are best. They don't have to be black, but your face should be the lightest part of the photo (that's where the eye tends to go first.)  Almost any color can work, and wearing colors that match your eyes looks great. White can work if we use a lighter background.​​​

​​Stick to more subdued and low-contrast patterns; you don't want your clothes to upstage you.  Mix up your necklines--bring some round and some angular ones. ​

Keep your jewelry simple--you don't want people to be scrutinizing your awesome earrings instead of you!

If you are in doubt, just bring it and we can look at everything together and decide what works best. 

BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY--nobody will notice your clothes! 



Suzanne Plunkett


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